Newsletter July 2015

28 OCT 2015 | BY DAVID

Twenty teams of Arm Bowlers competed in the 3 Game Pairs Medley at Broadbeach Bulls Bowls Club on Wednesday the 8th of July 2015. Teams from the Gold Coast were joined by teams from the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Ipswich-Toowoomba area. Two holidaying arm bowlers from Victoria, Barry Anset and Phil Gude (members of the Victorian Arm Bowlers squad) entered as a team and took home the major prize. The format proved popular and will be the basis for future Arm Bowlers events.

Forty Arm Bowlers on the greens at Broadbeach Bulls Bowls Club

At the conclusion of the Arm Bowler’s Event at Broadbeach Bulls Bowls Club, the arm bowlers discussed the need to create an organisation in Queensland to co-ordinate and promote events for arm Bowlers. It was apparent that the majority of arm bowlers present supported forming an Arm Bowlers Association in Queensland and a number volunteered to be part of an inaugural committee. The first committee meeting was held on 15th of July 2015 and agreed to a number of resolutions.

Various options were considered but the general feeling was that the name needed to reflect the whole of Queensland and not exclude Arm Bowlers from outside a demographic area. When the name “Maroon Arm Bowlers” was suggested it was instantly accepted by all present. Henceforth the arm bowlers association shall be known as the Maroon Arm Bowlers.

The use of an artificial devise to bowl is keeping bowlers (who would otherwise be forced into retirement) on the greens. Bowlers who lost form because of physical restrictions are finding they can play again at a level similar to how they played before their decline in health. New arm bowlers need coaching to relearn the art of lawn bowls while the more experienced arm bowlers struggle to find a suitable qualified coach to correct minor technical defects. To assist arm bowlers of all levels, Bill Cornehls, the High Performance Coach from Bowls Queensland, will hold an Arm Bowlers Coaching Day at Broadbeach Bulls Bowls Club on Wednesday the 16th of September commencing at 10:00am. There will be two hours of coaching in the morning followed by a BBQ lunch and the opportunity to participate in a game of social bowls or additional coaching in the afternoon. Cost for the day is $10 to cover green fees, lunch and coaching expenses. Preregistration will ensure there is ample food and tailored coaching drills. Expressions of Interest to be emailed to the Maroon Arm Bowlers

Musgrave Hills Bowls Club is sponsoring an Arm Bowlers Pairs Medley at Musgrave Hill on Friday the 23rd of October, commencing at 9:00am. The morning event will conclude with a BBQ lunch. Team or single entries are welcome and entries can be emailed to the Maroon Arm Bowlers. A flyer is available on request.

Similar Arm Bowling Groups are active in NSW, Victoria and SA. Teams of 18 (16 and 2 reserves) from each state compete against each other during the second week of September each year. The 2015 Interstate Challenge is being held in SA this year and it is Victoria’s turn to host the Interstate Challenge in 2016. There is currently an offer on the table from Victoria for Queensland to host and compete in 2016 events. The Maroon Arm Bowlers have indicated to Victoria that they are able to host the Interstate Challenge and field a competitive team. It is expected Victoria will ratify the change of venue to Queensland at their next committee meeting.
Over the next 12 months Arm Bowlers competing at Arm Bowlers Events will be assessed and those interested arm bowlers with the ability/potential to be part of a Maroon Arm Bowlers Interstate Challenge Squad will be invited to try out for the team. The formality of this process is still to be finalised. Meanwhile Arm Bowlers interested in being part of the Maroon Arm Bowlers are invited to contact David Johnson.

Privacy restrictions prevent Bowls Queensland from releasing personal details of bowlers issued with a card authorising the use of an artificial device (bowling arm). Consequently a data bank of Arm Bowlers is being created by the Maroon Arm Bowlers. Arm Bowlers on the Register with an email address will receive a copy of the Maroon Arm Bowlers Newsletter and brochures promoting Arm Bowling Events. To receive a registration form, please email your request to the Maroon Arm Bowlers

All correspondence for the Maroon Arm Bowlers to be emailed to David Johnson, Chairman, Maroon Arm Bowlers or 0407 412 994