Newsletter October 2015

28 OCT 2015 | BY DAVID

You will see from our letterhead that we have added the word “Association” to our name. This is to show that we are more than just a group of Arm Bowlers. We have grown to an association of arm bowlers with over 80 registered members and are exploring the options of becoming a Registered Association.

The first event organised and hosted by the Maroon Arm Bowlers Assoc. was an Arm Bowlers Coaching Day. Over 50 armed bowlers turned out to hear from Bowls Queensland High Performance Coach Bill Cornehls (pictured on the right in maroon) before splitting into two groups. The first group enjoyed a social game of 3 bowl pairs where they put into practice Bill’s recommendations.
Meanwhile Bill worked with 20 dedicated Arm Bowlers in the second group who were looking to improve their delivery and find better control of their weight and line. At the end of the day all felt they had found ways to improve their performance on the green.
As Bill pointed out, it is the extra green time Arm Bowlers put in to master their new device that gives them an advantage over regular bowlers who are set in their ways and don’t see the need for practice. New Arm Bowlers go back to basics and relearn their delivery, weight and line control. Like a new bowler, it takes time to become a competent bowler again and with constant practice they soon exceed past performances.

The 2015 National Arm Bowling Championships were conducted over three days in South Australia from the 7th to the 9th of September. Victoria was victorious with a clear margin over South Australia who just pipped out NSW. It was announced at the Championships that the 2016 National Arm Bowlers Championships will be held at Broadbeach Bowls Club, on the Gold Coast. The announcement that Queensland will host and compete at the National Championships in 2016 was warmly received. It is now up to the newly formed Maroon Arm Bowlers Association to ensure suitable accommodation is available to the competing teams and airport transfers, practice sessions, meals and the like are meticulously planned and executed.

Over the next six (6) months the performance of individual Arm Bowlers in Arm Bowlers events will be tracked and recorded. It is envisioned that a squad of 30-40 Arm Bowlers will be announced in March-April 2016. Practice sessions will then allow Selectors to trim the squad to the final 18 to represent Queensland in September 2016.

The next event on the Arm Bowlers calendar is the Arm Bowlers Pairs at Musgrave Hill on the 23rd of October 2015. Team and individual entries will be accepted up to the 22nd of October but there is no guarantee that the last entry will be accepted – it all depends on whether the number of entries is odd or even. To ensure you don’t miss out, email your entry to or contact David Johnson on 0407 412 994.

For Arm Bowlers on the Sunshine Coast, Club Kawana is hosting Open Pairs on Saturday the 21st of November and an Arm Bowlers Pairs Day from 9am on Sunday the 22nd of November. The idea is for visiting teams to enjoy a weekend of bowling on the Sunshine Coast. Accommodation at $100 per night is available at the Kawana Waters Hotel, Nicklin Way, Kawana (Ph 07 5444 6699). With only 16 rooms available, it is a case of first in best dressed. Entries to Geoff Cooper by email or call mobile 0417 754 910.

Pine Rivers Bowling Club will host the next Pairs Day for Arm Bowlers on Monday the 30th of November from 10am. The later start will allow visiting teams to miss the morning and evening rush hour traffic. Entries are limited so enter early to safeguard your spot. Team entries are encouraged and single entries are being accepted by calling Ian Rowan on 0422 579 422 or email to

Like all Bowling Clubs/Associations, the Maroon Arm Bowlers Association cannot survive without financial support. While a number of small donations enabled the Maroon Arm Bowlers to hold the Arm Bowlers Clinic, the admin costs and sundry expenses associated with establishing an association must be met. With special thanks to Ryan Bester, we are raffling his 2014 Gold Nugget autographed bowls shirt. Tickets are now on sale and will be drawn at the Musgrave Hill Arm Bowlers Tournament on the 23rd of October 2015.

The Gold Coast Tweed District Bowls Association has agreed to host an open district Arm Bowlers Championship in 2016. While details are still to be negotiated, it is envisaged that single, pairs, triples and fours championships will be offered in April/May 2016. It is expected that entry will be open to all Arm Bowlers, irrespective of where they reside or which District is their governing body. Arm Bowlers successful in this Championship event will be invited to participate in the Queensland National Arm Bowlers selection trials.

Any Arm Bowler who modifies an Arm Bowling Device is required to report the modification to Bowls Australia. Photographs and a written explanation should document why the change was deemed necessary and clearly identify what changes have been made. If the explanation is reasonable and justified, approval for the modification will generally be given.

Clarification is being sought from Bowls Queensland as to whether it is necessary to notify BQ whenever an Arm Bowler changes his Bowling Arm to a different model. As the form to register to become an Arm Bowler requires the applicant to state what devise will be used, it follows that any change must be documented. This matter is under review and will be clarified in future Newsletters.

Membership of the Maroon Arm Bowlers is free and we are rapidly approaching the first 100 registered members. Registered Members receive flyers and newsletters to keep them informed of developments in the world of Arm Bowling. To become a Registered Member of the Maroon Arm Bowlers Association email your expression of interest to or call 0407 412 994.

CLUB SECRETARIES Please provide a copy of this newsletter to your Arm Bowler members.